“The relationship between Power and Leadership
is as critical to the success of an organization
as the relationship between Profit and Loss.”
Katherine M Curran Ph.D.
Katherine M Curran Ph.D..
Why Powerful Ethical Leadership?

Using Power in Relationships with Women and Men at Work:
What's the Difference?

. . . a day long workshop for women designed to equip you with new ‘power tools’ . . .

The effective, ethical use of power is one of the less explored topics in leadership development, especially for women. Yet, power is one of the basic currencies of leadership: without it, how do you get anything done?

What is power? What are the different types available whether you're in formal or informal leadership roles? And most importantly, how do you employ it differently with men and with women - because the two genders tend to be very different in their approaches and responses to its use.

In this seminar, you will:

  • Identify the unwritten rules that govern how men and women respond to women's use of power in the workplace
  • Reflect on how your ethics are related to your power
  • Experiment with the bases, sources, and masculine and feminine languages of power – those you already use, and those you don't but could
  • Learn traps and pitfalls to avoid, and best practices to employ
  • Expand your network to include other dynamic, female Twin Cities’ leaders

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Why Powerful Ethical Leadership?

The Leadership Advantages of Embracing Anxiety and Lack of Control: Creativity, Innovation and Engagement

Business leaders today face increasingly complex and ambiguous situations as they try to navigate their way to success.

We have been taught as managers that we should be able to plan and control outcomes as a result of our well thought out actions. But there are simply too many variables for this to work all the time any longer. We still often resort to tools that try to restore control because facing the fear of not being in control is too difficult, and can cause us to feel like we’ve failed.

But not being in control may be the new reality, and the more managers can recognize when and how it occurs and learn to embrace it, they can unleash a tremendous amount of creativity and engagement within their ranks.

This seminar offers managers the opportunity to identify issues they can and can’t control, and then offers models, mindsets and tools to help them lead their way through this complexity to outstanding results.

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