Powerful Ethical Leaders™ guide their organizations
to successfully, effectively adapt to novel situations,
whether crisis or opportunity based, in their organizations, marketplaces and industries”
Katherine M Curran, Ph.D.
Katherine M Curran Ph.D.

We enable our clients to create, implement and sustain
intentional change, and to effectively adapt to change situations
in which all or a part of their organization finds itself

Change is all about us, always. Our method of leading strategic change is based on an action learning methodology so that as you develop and implement one change strategy, you build capacity to lead successive changes. The secret is to frame current issues in such a way that engages organization members to do their best.

We want to ensure that our clients have a deep understanding about what they are able to accomplish together and the ability to do it again. This capacity is particularly important when dealing with situations of significant novelty. We help leaders, teams and organizations answer the question: how do we develop the ability to act courageously and effectively in the face of emergent challenges?

Here are some of the ways we can help:

Select this icon to see more information about this P&L topic. How to move executive teams from competition to realistic collaboration
Executives in a group are usually called teams, but often display few of the qualities of collaboration that mark true teamwork. Yet they need to be accountable for overarching organizational goals. We help you identify the issues that separate team members from each other and have frank, powerful discussions about them, releasing the energy pent up in turf wars to use for the good of the organization and its goals.
Select this icon to see more information about this P&L topic. How to change the reputation your team has within the organization
Not only people need to pay attention to how they’re perceived within the organization, sometimes teams do, too. Some teams have crucial roles, like gate-keeping financial resources or heading special projects. Others have been given tasks to accomplish but with few discernible resources or with a question about their credibility for the role. We help you plan and execute strategies to attain the reputation your team needs to be able to effectively discharge its duties.
Select this icon to see more information about this P&L topic. How to manage merger integrations
Many mergers take place with little thought as to whether the cultures in the resulting organization will clash. Effectively planning for the culture merger is an act that requires political finesse and up front candid dialog. We help you engage organization members in uncovering and naming the rules that hold the parent cultures in place, create new ones for the emergent organization and enroll employees in the new norms and traditions.
Select this icon to see more information about this P&L topic. How to build and execute a change campaign to go along with project plans that will ensure the project's acceptance across divisions and units
Project leaders often excel at the technical parts of project management and change, but not at the people side of change engendered by the project. We show you how to craft campaign strategies, messages and tactics designed to engage both executives’ and internal clients’ hearts and minds

Our change management services from envisioning through implementation and maintenance of a project include:

  • Strategy development including visioning and strategic planning
  • Organization design
  • Stakeholder strategy and management
  • Change campaign development and implementation
  • Change leadership coaching/training
  • Team building/coaching
  • Action learning
  • Leadership development
  • High stakes meeting facilitation
  • Conflict management

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