“To effectively manage the disparate interests of stakeholders requires the ability to productively navigate and master the changing currents of interests, conflict and power.”
Katherine M Curran Ph.D.
Developing Leaders.

When Power is Authority and Leadership is Participation

Leadership is about getting things done through others. Leaders need to embrace their full authority and also deploy it in a way that engenders full participation in order to move the organization forward in a sustainable way. Only when leaders begin to enhance their self awareness in terms of their relationship to power do they begin to dramatically increase their ability to effectively, ethically influence others, to get things done when not given enough positional power to do it, and to take courageous stands on compelling but unpopular ideas. This is the engine that drives change and growth.

Critical issues can include when to take control and when to let it go, how to successfully and ethically work through the labyrinth of organization politics, how to empower others, how and when to compete vs. collaborate, and how to successfully manage complex initiatives involving many stakeholders.

“Kathy is an expert on organizational dynamics. She has helped me tremendously by pointing out the forces at play in particular situations and teaching me how to work more effectively in those situations. Her perspective on the different styles that men and women bring to the workplace has been especially insightful. Her coaching has helped me develop new approaches that have made me a better collaborator and leader.”
—Maureen Harms, J.D.Assistant General Counsel, 3M Company

Claim Your Power.
Select this icon to see more information about this P&L topic. Understand and broaden your bases of power
Limiting yourself to only one or two bases of power is like treating everything like a nail because the only tool you have is a hammer. Power and Leadership coaching asks you to stretch to try on at least seven different bases of power. You answer questions like: What power bases are at my disposal when I don’t have the title? How do I use coercive power appropriately? When is it wise to use the power of admiration, and when is that a trap? How can the power of groups help me accomplish my goals?
Select this icon to see more information about this P&L topic. Recognize and deflect unwelcome or unethical tactics that come your way
The kinds of tactics P&L coaching works with are organizational political tactics. Not spending time understanding this important system in an organization and choosing how you will deal with it can derail an otherwise talented leader. How are power, conflict and interests dealt with in your organization? We help you learn a method to unpack politically charged situations and to fashion responses that are both ethical and savvy.
Select this icon to see more information about this P&L topic. Influence other individuals or organizational functions over which you have no control
Understanding the varying interests of others in the organization whom you hope to influence and then linking their agendas to yours goes a long way toward getting done what you need to have done when you’re not in charge.
Select this icon to see more information about this P&L topic. Get your projects on the table and off the ground
Do you know how important initiatives get teed up in your organization? New initiatives do not get on the table without leadership behind the scenes in terms of enrolling stakeholders, linking agendas, creating effective coalitions, etc. We show you how to use your power and develop the skills necessary to get attention and agreement about your ideas for change.
Select this icon to see more information about this P&L topic. Bring to fruition changes you care about
At its core, being a powerful ethical leader is about connecting deeply to the values and passions you care most about, and then using that passion along with skill and creativity to realize your visions in the world. All of the work of P & L is ultimately designed to enable you to embrace that part of yourself and let it drive the contribution only you can uniquely make for your own good, and the good of those around you.

As a powerful ethical leader, you will have a new ability to move your organization forward successfully through complex, turbulent times

Built on a fifteen-years-long foundation of sound executive coaching principles and practices, Power and Leadership coaching includes the lenses of power, ethics and political savvy as the foundation of our unique brand of leadership development.

At the end of the P&L coaching process, you are better able to depersonalize, reframe and create strategies. You and your teams produce better results in initiatives where you have little direct control. You know what you want to create and how to get it done through others. Then as a Powerful Ethical Leader you will be able to hold the tension between authority and participation so that together, you create the winning results in the real world of constant change.

For Women Leaders.
This is not a male-versus-female issue, but rather one of financial performance: Corporate leaders must focus on how to best perform in today’s marketplace. Increasing gender diversity in the leadership ranks plays an important role in ensuring success in a changing economy.
Barrons article excerpts by ROBIN COHEN and LINDA KORNFELD who are respectively partners at the New York and Los Angles offices of Dickstein Shapiro.
Excel as a female leader in a predominately masculine culture

Being effective as a female leader in a masculine culture means walking the tight rope of using authority in a way that’s not too masculine (being seen as an ‘honorary man’) or too traditionally feminine (being overly accommodating), either. We help you discover how to ‘fit in to stand out” in the ways that work best for your style.

Master effective techniques for managing female-to-female
relationships at work

Women can be each other’s best allies at work, or the cause of each other’s most baffling difficulties. The use of power within the feminine culture is constructed on different unspoken rules than are most work cultures, and when women meet within work culture rules; painful conflicts and power struggles can ensue.

We help you untangle these cultural rules and learn personal and conversational techniques that can leave both parties feeling empowered and re-engaged in the work and the relationship at hand.

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