“The relationship between Power and Leadership
is as critical to the success of an organization
as the relationship between Profit and Loss.”
Katherine M Curran Ph.D.
Katherine M Curran Ph.D.

No matter where they are in the organization,
Powerful Ethical Leaders™ are at the top of the P&L

How they use their power and inspire participation determines who will follow them, and how those people will make decisions that contribute to a profitable bottom line. Their organizations are smart, agile and ready to compete.

Power, Ethics and Leadership are at the core of the services we offer as strategic change consultants. Our services range from individual and team coaching through leading complex change initiatives, all driven by understanding what is possible when ethical leaders claim their power.

Powerful Ethical Leaders are able to hold the tension between authority and participation because they know that creating game changing results only happens when everyone is deeply engaged.

Their organizations:

  • Elicit collaborative behavior that rises above turf issues
  • Act courageously and effectively in the face of emergent challenges
  • Demonstrate the best thinking and ethical risk taking
  • Master the changing currents of interests, conflict and power
  • Are more profitable because they lead and leverage diversity

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