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Family Constellations Workshop Live In
Sept 29-Oct 1, St. Paul, MN
With Susan Altschwager

The emerging future is more than a thought - we can not stop, control or manipulate it. We are a part of the movement of it – the human spirit movement forward. Together we will walk the steps and navigate the journey of our family system, honoring the ancestors’ respect for the past, standing strong in the transition of change in the present, and accepting what is the emerging future - a bigger picture for us to live in.

As we heal the traumas of human history in our family systems, separation leaves us and connection to the web of life opens in us, creating a new story for humanity to live in. Susan offers a deep movement of expansion of self and holds a space for individuals, families, and the social and global change we are experiencing now.

The workshop will help to:

  • Explore the natural process of human expansion taking place in us now, giving it a voice
  • Investigate the daily reality of social and global systems changing, and the impact of that
  • Acknowledges that a bigger picture of human reality is expressing though each of us, and helps surface what we are called to do with that. 

The Wisdom Keepers’ song:  it is time.

Location By the Rivers Center
690 Cleveland Ave. S.
St. Paul, MN 55116

Time Fri. 09/29, 6:30pm – 9:00pm (open to the public)
Sat. 09/30, 9:30am –4:00pm
Sun. 09/31, 9:30am – 4:00pm

Fee Friday night only: $25:
Friday to Sunday Workshop: $295 on or before 9/15 - $325 thereafter
Training fee: $50

Discounts available for bringing someone new; contact Kathy

More info Kathy Curran, Ph.D. 651-269-1400

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Susan Altschwager
Susan Altchwager

Australian Susan Altschwager holds a deep respect for the indigenous Australians as they comprise one of the oldest living civilizations on Earth. Over 30 years ago Susan experienced an alignment/activation of memory of the sacred wisdom connected to the ancient ancestors of Australia. She calls it the Wisdom Keepers’ song. Through her personal journey of acceptance, endurance and transformation, she has become a powerful catalyst for personal and planetary change. Author of A New Story for Humanity, trained Breathworker/coach  trained family constellation facilitator  Facilitates individual sessions, workshops, and trainings in family constellations’ social and global potential.

What is Family Constellations Work?

Family Constellations work is an experiential, inter-generational healing process developed by renowned German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger, now in his nineties. The work has grown rapidly worldwide in the last 30 years. The basic observation: there is an order to the way love flows in relationships. When that order is disrupted, it is often family members in subsequent generations who experience the consequences of this disruption. They unconsciously take on these consequences, unknowingly integrating them into their lives, often with detrimental results.

Family Constellations offers a concrete solution for breaking unconscious family patterns. It is a technique for revealing the hidden dynamics in a family so they can be worked with and healed. Through the Family Constellation, a person is shown the true origin of their problem and also new opportunities for disentanglement and resolution. Leading a successful life requires restoring harmony to the orders of love in the family.

Participants in a Family Constellation workshop can reconstruct their “family system” to identify and solve fundamental issues and problems in their lives. Psychological details are not required; only the person’s issue and tragic family events. Participants can choose among three levels of involvement:

  • Just observing from the circled seating
  • Representing a person in someone else’s family
  • Placing their own family in the circle using representatives

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