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Finding Your Love,
Healing Your Wounds:
Family Constellations Workshop
May 26-28, St. Paul, MN
With Dr. Bertold Ulsamer

This Family Constellation Workshop is for you if:

You struggle with your family in spite of all your best efforts

You experience relationships or marriage as difficult or traumatic

You seek clarity about what is holding you back from living a fulfilled life

You are a student of constellations and want to expand your understanding of this method

The workshop will help to:

  • Shed light on and resolve the hidden dynamics in conflicted relationships between parents and children, husbands, and wives, partners, employers and employees and all other relationships
  • Release participants from entanglements in age-old family patterns of painful cycles of failures, depression, drug-addition, alcoholism, suicide and other self destructive behavior
  • Discover that many chronic and acute illnesses can be a metaphor for an unhealed family conflict which can be disentangled and healed.

Special training/learning debriefs at the end of Saturday and Sunday for those learning to facilitate or practicing as a constellation facilitator for an additional training fee.

Location By the Rivers Center
690 Cleveland Ave. S.
St. Paul, MN 55116

Time Fri. 05/26, 6:30pm – 9:00pm
Sat. 05/27, 9:30am –4:00pm
Sun. 05/28, 9:30am – 4:00pm
Training session: 4:20 - 5:30pm both Sat. and Sun.

Fee Friday - Sunday workshop:
$275 on or before May 12
$315 thereafter
Training fee: $50
Discounts available for bringing someone new; contact Kathy

More info Kathy Curran, Ph.D. 651-269-1400

To register:
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Dr. Bertold Ulsamer
Dr. Bertold Ulsamer

Dr. Bertold Ulsamer is a Clinical Psychologist, attorney and author. He has trained in psychodrama, Rogerian therapy and NLP. Dr. Ulsamer served as management trainer in German companies for 15 years. Having encountered the work of Bert Hellinger in 1994, he now facilitates work-shops and leads trainings for professionals internationally (including the USA, China, Russia, South Africa). In 2004 he finished a 3 year training in trauma work with Peter Levine (“Somatic Experiencing”), which he incorporates into his constellation work. Dr. Ulsamer has published more than twenty books, including The Art and Craft of Family Constellations, and The Healing Power of the Past in English

What is Family Constellations Work?

Family Constellations work is an experiential, inter-generational healing process developed by renowned German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger, now in his nineties. The work has grown rapidly worldwide in the last 30 years. The basic observation: there is an order to the way love flows in relationships. When that order is disrupted, it is often family members in subsequent generations who experience the consequences of this disruption. They unconsciously take on these consequences, unknowingly integrating them into their lives, often with detrimental results.

Family Constellations offers a concrete solution for breaking unconscious family patterns. It is a technique for revealing the hidden dynamics in a family so they can be worked with and healed. Through the Family Constellation, a person is shown the true origin of their problem and also new opportunities for disentanglement and resolution. Leading a successful life requires restoring harmony to the orders of love in the family.

Participants in a Family Constellation workshop can reconstruct their “family system” to identify and solve fundamental issues and problems in their lives. Psychological details are not required; only the person’s issue and tragic family events. Participants can choose among three levels of involvement:

  • Just observing from the circled seating
  • Representing a person in someone else’s family
  • Placing their own family in the circle using representatives

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